Introducing The Miyawo Company

Our donabe are all manufactured by the Miyawo Company. Established in 1931, Miyawo originally crafted the highly popular and very collectible ceramic figurines known as “novelty goods” loved all over the world and grew to be a major manufacturer of fine ceramic dinnerware and high-tech donabe.

We also chose the Miyawo donabe because they do not need to be “seasoned” – or prepared in any way other than a simple washing. These donabe only absorb 0.5% of the liquids, and can go straight from the refrigerator to direct heat without the usual cracks you will see in other donabe, so these donabe are great for beginners or those who have used donabe for years.

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From humble beginnings in 1931 creating world-beloved ceramic figurines (1947-1960) to manufacturing over 80% of the ceramic plates used in Japanese made micro ovens, as well as inner rice cooker ceramic pots for award-winning Tiger Corporation (2007 -).

In 1947 the Miyawo plant had to be entirely reconstructed after about 80% of the plants in Yokkaichi burned to the ground under bombing during World War II.

Miyawo also manufactures for Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sharp, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Lifetime Brands Inc. USA (Mikasa) Lennox Corporation USA and ARC France.

Miyawo novelty
Microwave oven tray
Microwave oven tray
GARDEN HARVEST series (1988)
SATIN CONTRAST series (2002)
Trivets and tableware
Serving ceramic hot plate
Fine dinnerware

Behind the Miyawo Brand

Miyawo is one of the only companies in the ceramics manufacturing world which produces their products entirely in-house. This includes all aspects of the production from blending the clay mixture to firing the clay at over 1,300°C (2,379°F) in 50 meter (54 yards) long super ovens, to mixing their own glazing and printing inks, as well as final packaging of each individual item. Each item is hand inspected and finished.

Michael Fink, head of our Japan office meeting with Miyawo president Mr. Oue before touring their manufacturing facilities in Yokkaichi, Mie.

The meeting was during the Covid pandemic so face to face meetings had to be through masks.

Michael saw firsthand that Miyawo is fully committed to producing highest quality products and they are very willing to help us get more Japanese products into the American market.

Miyawo is a major supplier to many well known hotels and restaurants both in Japan and abroad.

Making the Miyawo Donabe

A brief history of Miyawo

1931Ceramics producing company “Miyao Shoten” established
1945After reconstruction of the plant during World War II, production of “Novelty Goods” began
1950Miyawo receives first large order from American department stores
1961Miyawo begins manufacturing for American Commercial Inc. (MIKASA USA) George Aratani founded Mikasa as “American Commercial Inc.” in the state of California in 1948. Initially a dinnerware importer, Mikasa grew into a dinnerware wholesaler over the next twenty years, supplying dinnerware to Bloomingdales, Macy’s, May Department Stores Company and other fine retailers.
1973American Commercial Inc. and Miyawo form Mikasa Co. Ltd. as a domestic sales company
1984Began production of fine Bone China
1985Began production of a hardened porcelain “Alumicron”
1987Miyao Toki Malaysia established “We are not selling Malaysia-made products imported from Malaysia. We sell products that we produce in Malaysia with confidence”
1994Round ceramic trays for Japanese made microwave ovens developed
1999Most of Miyawo produced dinnerware is moved to the Malaysia plant
2003Registered as Thermatec earthen pot product safety association recognition plant
2007Manufacturing begins for IH type rice cooker inner ceramic pots for Tiger Corporation
Awarded 2nd “Manufacturing Japan Award”, Award of Excellence in the category of traditional technology application sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for ceramic inner pot of IH rice cooker (Tiger Corporation)
2013Original samples of novelty and tableware produced in 1947-1960; 7,500 items were presented to Yokkaichi City Museum and they are on permanent display
2016Test introduction of production robot for part of the manufacturing process
2017Miyawo Showroom established in Malaysia; used as a business hub in Asia and also as a meeting place with the customers from European and American countries. This is a flagship space to display our original products as well as products that were developed with the partner companies all over the world.

Miyawo Awards and Certifications

1999Accredited with ISO 9002 for ceramic products for electric appliances
2002Accredited with ISO9001:2000 for ceramic products for electrical appliances
Awarded Good Design Award Gold prize for IH earthen pot produced for Toshiba Corporation.
Awarded Good Design Award for SATIN CONTRAST
2005Awarded Everyday Good Design Award for IH Thermatec earthen pot
2006Accredited with ISO 14001
2007Awarded 2nd “Manufacturing Japan Award”, Award of Excellence in the category of traditional technology application sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for ceramic inner pot of IH rice cooker (Tiger Corporation)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Selected as “300 fine small and medium scale enterprises supporting future Japan sponsored” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Miyawo products are certified lead and cadmium free.

The products also meet the California Proposition 65, FDA regulations and ISO 6486 for allowable lead & cadmium and do not contain any harmful substances to endanger human health.

lead cadmium

Actual test results examining lead and cadmium contents. The bottle on the right is from tests done on Miyawo products, showing test results of “Blank” or zero for Pb (lead) and Cd (cadmium).

Miyawo Donabe Typical Donabe
MaterialHigh heat resistant ceramicClay + Sand
Firing temperature1,300 °C (2,370 °F)800 °C (1,470 °F)
Pot surface Glass glaze, color glazePlain glazed or unglazed
Pot surface water retention0.5% liquid absorption means no odors or discoloration remainPores are larger and easily  absorb liquids – odors remain
Temperature performanceBody: up to 500 °C (930 °F)About 200 °C (390 °F)
Lid: Up to 140 °C (284 °F)
Suitable for cookingBoil, stew, roast, bakeBoil, stew
Initial pot “seasoning”Just clean with dish soap and waterMust wash rice, use retained water, fill pot 80%, low heat 15 minutes, clean to “season”
Pot from freezer to heatNo problem, no cracksMost donabe will crack

Miyawo products are sold worldwide as shown by the yellow dots

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