The Microwave Donabe – What is it used for?

Microwave donabe
Microwave Donabe inside
The Microwave Donabe bottom

How does the Microwave Donabe properly heat foods?

A HUGE hit in Japan! The ONLY all-purpose healthy meal cooking Donabe pot specifically crafted to properly heat in a microwave oven. The special baked-on microwave reflectors prevent the microwaves from heating the upper portions, while the ceramic plating on the bottom actually draws heat, to cook as only a Donabe pot will. Simple to use, recommended for one-person meals or beginners.

illustration of heating properties

The Microwave Donabe is made of special pottery with a liquid absorption rate of only 0.5%, so there is no need to worry about color or odor transfer. Cooking in a clay pot is much better than cooking in metal cooking utensils, not just for its various health benefits, but also makes it much simpler to cook and improves the quality of the food. The porosity and natural insulation properties of clay causes far infrared heat which thoroughly heats and cooks your food, without drying it out.

A microwave oven vibrates the water particles in the food with microwaves to generate heat, and the heat is used to cook the food. Areas hit by microwaves too much can cause uneven heating, as the moisture evaporates, leaving foods dry. The microwave reflectors ensure even heating.

This Microwave Donabe is extremely popular in Japan, as people want the “umami” (flavors) produced by cooking in a Donabe, but with the ease and speed of cooking in a microwave. Most Microwave Donabe recipes combine the directed heat of the microwave for as little as a few minutes and further slow cooking the food in the pot in it’s own heat, so it is also energy saving!

High infrared heating in donabe facilitates healthier cooking practices. The gentle and even heat minimizes the need for excessive fats or oils, allowing for the preparation of nutritious meals with reduced added fats. Additionally, the clay material used in donabe is free from harmful chemicals or coatings, ensuring the purity of the cooked food.

Easily cook traditional “nabe” hot pot dishes, stews, soups, rice, even baked goods.

Our free online recipe book has some basic dishes you can enjoy with your Microwave Donabe.

The Microwave Donabe is perfect for 1 or 2 people. It holds about 3 cups of liquid, and it’s small size means it can be stored almost anywhere. It can also be used on an open flame, or in the oven.

The Microwave Donabe requires washing by hand after use.

hot pot stew cooked in the Microwave Donabe

Crafted to the highest quality standards, The Microwave Donabe has surpassed stringent testing and is certified free of Lead and Cadmium. It is acceptable for use under the strict “California Proposition 65”.

French Onion Soup cooked in the Microwave donabe

The Microwave Donabe will retain heat for a long time, so hot dishes can be enjoyed hot! By placing the Microwave Donabe on a hot pad or wooden tray, it can be used as an attractive server as well. Imagine french onion soup served piping hot so you can fully enjoy the melted cheese!

For most dishes, simply add the ingredients, put the lid on and pop it into the microwave. Average cook times are just 3 to 10 minutes! Afterwards, the Microwave Donabe will remain hot and slow cook foods to perfection.

Compare this to an “instant pressure cooker”

The colder the contents of the “instant cooker”, the longer it takes to come to pressure. So a 5-minute pressure cooking recipe could take: 10 minutes to come to pressure + 5 minutes to pressure cook + 10 to 30 minutes to release pressure = total time of 25 to 45 minutes. Not very “instant” is it?

before cooking in the donabe
New York Cheesecake cooked in the Microwave Donabe

Enjoy cakes, pudding and other desserts as well. The high infrared heating of the donabe means heat is directed into the food, not just from the bottom like a frying pan or pot, but rather like an oven.

Desserts cooked in the Microwave Donabe are healthier, as you do not need to coat the bottom and sides of the cooker as you would a cooking or pie tin. Evenly heated throughout, flavors and moisture are sealed in.

Cream stew cooked in the Microwave Donabe
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