June Voss, CEO

June loves cooking Japanese dishes for her American husband and 2 children. They are also part of an ever-growing family including 2 labradoodle dogs, 2 rescue feral cats, 18 goats, 2 giant long eared rescue rabbits, 2 pot belly pigs and a mini donkey.

June was born and raised in Japan, first daughter of an American father and Japanese mother. She came to the United States over 20 years ago to study English and graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida.

June polished her bilingual communication and people skills working at Starbucks, and as a tour agent for Disney related MickeyNet, as well as at Tokyo Disney Sea and Disney World in Orlando, where she met her husband Eric who is President.

June’s heritage and Japanese lifestyle remains a huge part of her present life in America. She loves Japanese food, customs and culture, and she wants to share her love of Japan. Her mother’s amazing cooking skills included many dishes prepared in donabe and this lead her to research donabe manufacturers.


Japanese Goods USA is a certified “Woman Owned Business” as well as a “Minority Owned Business”.

Which donabe?


A trip to the “Banko No Sato” Banko Yaki museum and showroom, in Yokkaichi Mie Prefecture. There are hundreds of locally produced ceramic Banko Yaki products on display and for sale.

Shown here are direct flame type donabe all manufactured in the local area.

Also on display are hundreds of traditional teapots and products from each of the local manufacturers are shown here. The materials used here are a “semi porcelain”, which means they are somewhere between earthenware and porcelain.

In 1979 Yokkaichi Banko Yaki was designated as a “Japanese Traditional Craft”.

In 2018, Banko Yaki celebrated its 300th year since creation.

There are over 100 companies with kilns in the area which manufacture ceramics and accessories for ceramic donabe, teapots, tableware and other items.

The photo on the left shows relatively “new” type of cookware – donabe which can be used on IH (induction heating) heaters. Extremely popular in Japan, as most homes have one. These tabletop heaters allow cooking and dining right at the table. Very popular as friends and families can cook and dine together.

Miyawo manufactures a wide range of IH donabe as well as IH ceramic teapots. Hopefully this practical means of cooking at the dining table will become popular in the United States as well!

Here are some higher-end teapots, also native to this area. Drinking green tea may be a factor in Japan being highly ranked for longevity.

Green tea may have protective compounds against cancer and heart disease, which may help you live longer. ResearchTrusted Source from Japan found that those who drank five cups or more per day had a lower chance of death from all causes than those drinking one cup or less.

A 2021 study found that drinking seven cups of green tea daily decreased the risk of death from all causes by 62%Trusted Source, even among people who have had heart attacks.

Tea anyone?


Miyawo invited us to tour the industrial research center below, to see a small portion of the various tests and regulations Miyawo products must pass before they can be sold around the world.

Touring the Mie Prefecture Industrial Research Institute Ceramic Science Branch

We chose to work with the Miyawo Company for several reasons, including all the testing and professionalism shown here. Their dedication to not only attractive and useful products, but true to their motto “Tradition + Technology” is evident in each and every product they manufacture.

Miyawo has been successfully selling it’s products around the world since 1950. Their lines include fine dinnerware, donabe, high tech ceramic products for professional cooking, server ware and ceramic plates and inner donabe for Japan’s major electronics manufacturers.

Does your brand want to have O.E.M. original products manufactured by the Miyawo Company? Contact us here.

We will work with you to create your company’s unique products.

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